Andrew Maynard is a Successful Mentor and Coach in Melbourne and Sydney. But don’t take our word for it, talk to him directly and make up own mind.

                  Are you thinking about building your own business but don’t know how to get started?

                  If you are looking for role that allows you to earn a living and gives you freedom and flexibility around your family, it might be the right time to consider starting your own business.

                  Not sure whether your talents can be translated into a business idea and want to check on its viability? We will help you find out!

                  Speak to us about small business start up guidance. Together we will define your business idea and set goals to get, and stay, focused. Exploring your values will help you maintain work-life balance while building your business.

                  Small Business Start Up Guidance includes:

                  • consideration of the time you have available to invest
                  • analysis of your available financial investment
                  • we will assist you with writing up your business plan
                  • help you register your business
                  • discuss your branding and your long-term business vision.

                  Make it happen – enjoy the freedom of your own business and do something you love!


                  “We good sound advice from Andrew regarding a our Male Revue show in Melbourne. ”

                  ” Andrew helped grow my bueaty business for 500pm to 500pm. We went from the smallest eyebrow microblading company in Melbourne to the biggest.

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